Fathers at Birth:
Couple’s Mind-Body Intensive

Based on the book, Fathers at Birth, sound yogic principles, and experiential practices, this birth intensive is guaranteed to altar and revolutionize how partners navigate through labor and birth. Session addresses:

  • Life-skill practices for breathing, focusing, and coping that have the power to alter how you labor and birth and impact you for a lifetime
  • What is the father’s role? Attention to his contribution and importance
  • How to touch and talk to a laboring woman to support her focus
  • Practice simulated labor using breath, relaxation, and pressure points
  • How to efficiently relieve tension and prepare for the next wave
  • Hatha postures and rebozo techniques for couples to use during pregnancy and labor that provide comfort and relieve common woes
  • How to use breath and sounding to increase focus and minimize pain
  • One-minute-centering practice to use on the spot to calm and focus
  • Strategies men can use to support and protect the laboring woman
  • Demonstration and hands-on practice of proven skills the man can use to support his partner and help her cope
  • How to observe breath to determine whether the mother needs assistance
  • Intervention techniques that effectively increase focus and reduce pain
  • Role-playing for effective communication with health care providers
  • Guidelines for bathroom trips in the heat of labor
  • What to do if labor stalls
  • Proven tools to use if labor becomes overwhelming
  • Guidance in making wise decisions regarding the use or non-use of pain-relief drugs
  • Practice birthing positions: details to optimize pushing phase
  • Concepts that transform and deepen your perspective and give you both confidence to trust in body wisdom and a woman’s natural ability to birth
  • Intimacy and sexuality in late pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum
  • Greater ease, confidence, and joy
  • More ...

Recommended for couples 30-37 weeks gestation. This location limited to 3 couples to assure individual attention. Class offered regularly, but fills quickly.

For more information or to register send email to rose@fathersatbirth.com

Private couple’s sessions available at $55 per hour.