Excerpt — Foreword
pregnant woman

Only in the last forty or fifty years have women’s voices been heard as they express their desires to share their experiences with their families, and only in the last twenty-five to thirty years have they been truly listened to.

Much has been written about the emotional and physical aspects of birth with regard to mothers and newborns, but not much exists for fathers.

Chapter by chapter, she provides detailed instruction on the inner workings of the pregnancy and the birth process. The aid she provides is heartening as she looks inside the mind of the laboring woman and shows the father why his role is so important.

The techniques for the father to use to

guide and protect his partner are quite clear and functional. Her lessons are easy to understand, and appear fun for both mother and father. The book focuses on making the father as involved and informed as possible. He receives information on how to be the supportive cornerstone of the team while the mother is so vulnerable in labor. Help on choosing care providers, options for birth (including facilities, positions, and the use of water), and then instructions for care in the days following birth are all clear, and most importantly, helpful!

I applaud Ms. St. John on her enormous effort; she has taken a lifetime of experiences as a mother, doula, yoga instructor, birth coach, and birthing woman, and rolled them into a clear, easy-to-read guide for the most important attendant at the birth: THE FATHER.

—Cathy Parisi, CNM