newborn baby

“There is no question that my wife's delivery, and my own participation in the birth of our son, was greatly enhanced by the techniques we learned from Rose St John. Not only did she help me to become more focused by understanding how important the relaxation process was for my wife during birth but it also allowed me to stay calm as well. The result? My wife, a first time mother, was able to deliver our son without the use of any drugs. More importantly, the experience was one we will

both remember with joy thanks to Rose St John.”
   —Joe Kearney

“I feel lucky to have read Fathers at Birth based on the St. John Birthing Method by Rose St. John. The first purpose of the book is to provide detailed, practical advice for fathers-to-be based on medical science, yoga principles and the author’s extensive experience. It covers everything a man needs to know to support and enjoy the process of childbirth. As a great grandfather who has participated in four births I can attest to its accuracy and practical value. This book is much more than how-to instruction guide, however. It also emphasizes the importance and dignity of fatherhood and the mystery and spiritual aspects birth, which shook me to my core. I read some pages through waterfalls of joyful tears. If fatherhood changed my life, and it did, Fathers at Birth changed it again. It re-birthed me into a state of awe and wonder as I relived the births of my children. With its profound understanding of unconditional love as absolute truth, the world is a better place for the publication of F.A.B. by the sage, Rose St. John.”
   —Great Grandpa Paradama Purusha

“My husband and I have been drawn closer as we have read this book and used both its principles and its practical tasks to prepare for the birth of our baby. I was drawn in and retained the information in a way that surprised me. I highly recommend this book and also suggest reading it as a couple.”
   —Liana Mangan, Independent Consultant, District Manager, Arbonne International 

“I am excited about the fresh perspective that Rose has shown about my role as the father in this birth experience. To [learn] both the things that I can do and the boundaries beyond which not to step is immensely helpful. Rose [illustrates] how I can meaningfully contribute and help maximize our experience in this anticipated event.”
   —Ryan W. Mangan, (husband of Liana Mangan) Weyerhaeuser Engineering Services

“I was lucky enough to finish [Fathers at Birth] right before my son Zackery…was born; [it] gave me advice and tips that other books never mentioned. I am… purchasing a copy for myself and recommending it to friends and family who are currently or… may be expecting.”
    —John Shapland