The Journey
Excerpt from Chapter 1
pregnant woman

Imagine you are required to take a journey into an uncharted frontier, one that will tax you to your max, push you beyond known boundaries, and require you to persevere through the unknown, until you accomplish your mission. On this expedition, you must chart your own course. No one else can do it for you. But you can take a companion with you.

What type of companion would you choose? Would you choose

someone who is distracted, someone who sidetracks and disturbs you? Or would you prefer someone who is focused, someone who has the skills to help you find your way and ease you over rough terrain? You’d choose the latter, of course. Similarly, this is the type of companion your partner wants you to be as she finds her path through labor.

During labor, your partner is absorbed in a challenging passage that demands her all. She must continue until the journey is complete, and she does not have the option or the luxury of turning back. Most men want to assist their partners through the demanding terrain of labor and birth, and they want the satisfaction of knowing they did the best job they could.

Jake said it like this: I want my wife to have the best birth possible, and I want to know how to help her do that.

If you want to know what a laboring woman needs from her partner and how to meet those needs, this book is for you. Simply by your attentive and responsive companionship, you influence the course your partner takes and how the journey unfolds. This handbook equips you with the wisdom and tools you need to be a skilled companion while you travel together through the uncharted frontier of labor and birth.